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Very high evaluation speed as well as simple, convenient operation via Windows interfaces.

Blister Inspection System EOK BW

Camera Inspection System for recognition of monochrome objects packed in PVC foil or aluminum foil

Blister Inspection System EOK BW

The EOK-BW consists of a camera, an industry-standard PC with high resolution display and lighting devices as well as powerful state-of-the-art software.

Using the reflected light method, the product to be inspected is illuminated by white light. A temperature-compensated LED unit illuminates the product area evenly without glare. The camera captures the image which is then processed by the PC. A signal from the machine triggers and synchronizes image acquisition. Depending on factors like foil width and the distance from camera to product, different lenses can be used. The captured image is displayed on a high resolution display

The software assists the user with every step of setting up a format, from the ideal settings for illumination and camera to product specific evaluation parameters. Our software package is capable of very high processing speed and offers an easy, comfortable and intuitive Windows-based user interface. Packaging layout and color information can be set up quickly using the system’s teach functionality. Format parameters like product size tolerance can be easily adjusted via a menu using a mouse, a keyboard is not necessary for operation.

Another feature of the EOK-BW is that that due to efficient technical components and sophisticated temperature management in all areas – camera and lighting as well as the CPU/Display unit, there are no vent openings that might cause impurities that require cleaning or compromise functionality.


Service Description
  • Easy to manage the taught-in color classes and blister sizes
  • Powerful analysis of the color classes
  • Taught-in color classes are displayed
  • Formats can be changed quickly and easily
  • Integrated shift register
  • Biometric user management
  • Integrated password/user administration with 4 user levels
  • If packaging layout doesn‘t change, existing formats can be easily modified to be used with a new format
  • The last 100 „bad pictures“ are saved
  • Significant evaluation statistics with detailed information on cavities and products
  • Checking the color of tablets, dragees and capsules (including two color capsules)
  • Easy operation with comprehensive and video-assisted help support
  • Simple teach-in procedure with automatic search and find function for all products and colors within the blisters
  • Tolerances for size and colors can be adjusted separately
Resolution camera
  1. 1392 x 1040 px
  2. 1628 x 1236 px
  3. 2452 x 2056 px
Supply voltage
  1. 24VDC power supply is delivered according to configuration
  1. Depends on machine or unit to be fitted with the inspection system, foil width and index

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